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Location: Upstate, New York. Share. #3. Posted January 22, 2015. I always Clea my patches, some just like your. very mild soap ( woo lite), warm water in a glass a little woo lite added let soak overnight. this is just for fully EMB patches. not felt, wool, or twill. I' be never had a problem. Link to comment.

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Our collection of used military surplus clothing works for outfitting your hunting gear, keeping your uniform neat and tidy, and more. We know how important it is to have gear you can trust. From providing you with great deals to giving you the highest-quality clothing, Army Surplus World is devoted to helping soldiers, law enforcement, veterans, and civilians get trust military …

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3,025. Location: Odessa, Texas. Share. #6. Posted March 24, 2010. Garandomatic said: I like the smell. I have a piece of tent canvas that stinks to high heaven that I keep wrapped up to remind me of the OLD army surplus store that used to be around here. Well, I'm not the only one that likes the smell then.

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Treasured Garment Restoration was created in 2008 as a specialty division of St Croix Cleaners. We specialize in cleaning, restoring & preserving of clothes. We thrive on exceeding customer's expectations of the toughest clothing restoration challenges. If it can be cleaned, we can clean it!

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Here's how to properly clean your military medals. 1. Remove The Ribbons . The ribbon accompanying the medal is made of fabric and materials that don't do well when combined with metal-cleaning solvents and detergents. Before you start cleaning your medal, you need to remove the ribbon that's attached to it.

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For dry clean only pieces, take them to a professional and point out the problem areas. Since dry cleaning is a bit of a misnomer (a wet cleaning solution is used); again, be certain the items are completely dry before storing. It is best to wait a day or so before packing away just to be sure the fabric is dry.

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Clean It. The first step in preserving your military uniform is to clean it thoroughly before you prepare to store it. Have your uniform dry cleaned thoroughly to make sure there are no stains or dirt. Clean each piece of metal separately and make sure each piece is dried before you get it ready for storage.

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We've worked with uniforms of all ages & types. We have restored vintage military uniforms from WW1 & WW2, The Korean War, The Vietnam Was all the way to present uniforms preserved as keepsakes for military families who have lost their loved ones. We have also restored vintage sports uniforms, from baseball, hockey and beyond.

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This video will show you how to clean the Number 1 Cap. This video will show you how to clean the Number 1 Cap.

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How to clean a Military Medal in a very quick, cheap and safe way without damaging it.

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The memories and honor represented by the Military Uniforms of your family are priceless. We use a proprietary process to restore and preserve heirloom fabrics such as vintage military uniforms. A blind test of four nationally-known preservation services proved our MuseumCare™ preservation was the cleanest, provided the safest museum quality ...

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However, if you've vacuumed a garment and still feel dry cleaning is the only way to get it clean, follow these steps: 1. Choose a dry cleaner who either works with old textiles (get a recommendation from a local museum or antique textile dealer), or who specialized in …

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Main - How to clean this old quilt - My grandmother made a quilt from my grandfather's old wool pants and shirts that he wore to work in the woods. She used the parts that weren't worn out and made the heaviest, warmest patchwork quilt with them. She has been gone for 37 years and that quilt has never been cleaned. Do


I am a Soldier, I fight where I am told, and I win where I fight Discord: Roblox Profile: https:// R...

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Old Sweats; 20.2k Location: Completed Regular Army 'Colour Service' x 2 (soldier and officer) and retired to the coast Interests: Studying and researching British Army and associated Imperial uniforms and insignia.

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Another option is to check with a local base, as some military installations have shredding programs for old uniforms. Donate. If you aren't comfortable with trashing a uniform, consider donating it. As with disposal, you should remove any insignia and names when donating. One of the more convenient places to donate uniforms is at a thrift store.

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In the army there are many uniforms a soldier has to wear. This is for the different activities a soldier does. For everything from their daily Physical Training (PT), their regular working uniform Army Combat Uniform (ACU), or their dress uniform either the Army Service Uniform (ASU), or the Army Green Service Uniform (Class A).

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The military medals and awards should be stored separate from the uniform. The metal in the awards could rust and damage the uniform, so it is important to store them separate from the uniform. Also, wool uniforms contain sulfur and could actually attack the metal and damage the metals. Before handling medals, put on gloves.

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Use cold water to pre-treat any stains on the military uniform. Be careful to not use any chemicals or solvents that could potentially stain and discolor the fabric permanently. Step 3 Wash the uniform ONLY if the care tag says it can be done. Only machine-wash the uniform if doing so is acceptable with military protocol. Step 4

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Uniforms & Equipment of the British Army in World War I by Stephen Chambers (Schiffer Military History, Atglen, Pennsylvania, 2005) Large book, uses hundreds of portrait and other photographs as the primary source; good for identifying if equipment carried is unusual, and might indicate a specialist e.g. tank crew, machine gunner, etc.

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The cleaning and restoration results can be remarkable! Whether the hat is being presented back to the original owner or passed down as a keepsake to later generations, we take pride in honoring our military veterans by restoring these hats. Remember that military hats and uniforms can also be beautifully displayed and preserved in our keepsake ...

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The most recognizable element of any Navy service member's uniform is the sailor's white crown-brimmed hat. Whether you're an energetic new recruit or simply curious about joining the Navy, knowing how to properly clean parts of the navel uniform such as your hat will become an essential part of serving your country as a top-notch sailor.

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Several military branches incorporate white hats to their members. Many military personnel replace their headgear as soon as it is dirtied. However, this can become costly, as military hats can be expensive to replace. Like most clothing, a military hat can be cleaned with water and cleaning detergent.

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The uniform is designed to be wash and wear, eliminating the need to starch and iron it. The patches that go on the uniform are Velcro so that they can be changed easily and include a name tape, US Army tape, combat patch (if applicable) and unit patch, along with any additional qualifying patches that have been earned and authorized for wear ...

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3. Motor oil does wonders to stain the uniforms- dump some in a puddle of mud and low crawl though it. 4. Re-stitch one or two buttons with slightly different thread- maybe OD 7. Stitch rips/tears with OD 7 thread. (Gives it that "I've been in the field so long, the uniform colors have changed!" look) 5. Get muddy!

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You don't want to ruin something this important so it's best to find a GOOD drycleaners that will dry clean it for you. Don't try cleaning it …

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Make sure it is stored/ displayed in the best environment possible and leave alone. Many uniforms have survived well until they met the collector, conservator with the best intentions. These items are old and have outlived their intended person or purpose. Less is better, like polish and Tiffany & Co Lamps.

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Nov 5, 2018 - OPERATION WE ARE HERE offers a clearinghouse of resources for the military community and military supporters. Created by a military spouse for the encouragement of the ENTIRE military community. See more ideas about military shadow box, military, shadow box.


CHAPTER 4: THE MILITARY UNIFORM . UNIFORMS . GENERAL. A sharp looking uniform is an indication of self-respect, pride, alertness and positive attitude. When you wear your uniform, you represent both the US Army and ROTC to all on campus that see you. When the uniform is worn, it should always be clean, neat and complete. Headgear will be

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September 30th 2019, a day that will live in infamy. The final day the ACU digital pattern can be worn.Cool Stuff at If you enjoy the...

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Many uniforms and tuxedos are wool, which is very sturdy, but all fabrics will last longer if treated properly. Whether your heirloom is a nurse's cap, military uniform, athletic uniform, tuxedo, or marching band uniform, we know how to give it the care it deserves. Hand Cleaning: Our Anti-Sugar Stain Treatment

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If they need to be cleaned, then clean them with a trusted dry cleaner. The things that kill old uniforms: Sunlight, humidity, heat, vermin. So, store them where you're certain to avoid those things. eljefino Joined Jun 15, 2003 Messages 36,777 Location ME Jun 23, 2020 #12 I've got a friend with civil war uniforms that were in a plastic tote.

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Milwaukee Military Uniform Preservation Uniform Care for Army, Navy, Marine, National Guard and Reserves. Military uniforms are a piece of history and a true memento of years of honorable service. Ensure the memory of you or a loved one is protected for future generations with the Milwaukee military uniform preservation specialists at Martinizing.

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4 Things to Do With Old Uniforms. After you sign the separation papers and enjoy your farewell party, there's nothing left but to relax and enjoy the freedom. Once you get that new, shiny civilian job you'll need to make room for the updated wardrobe of suits and ties. As you slide your hangers over to make room, you come across 6 tops and ...